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All On 4 Technique

In the “All On 4” technique, which has been applied for more than 10 years in implant treatment, there are 2 implants placed in the back of the jaw at an angle of approximately 30-35 degrees and 2 implants placed in the anterior part of the jaw. Fixed prostheses are offered to patients with this surgical technique, which is applied in bone resorption in the lower jaw and problems related to the maxillary sinuses in the upper jaw, which makes it difficult to make implants.

The advantage of the All On 4 technique is that fixed dental prosthesis can be applied at one time without the need for procedures such as bone addition or sinus lift surgery. This application, which is specially planned for the person, provides comfort for patients who cannot use removable dental prostheses as they wish. One of the reasons why this technique is preferred is that it is easier to maintain and clean than dental implants.

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