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Fiber Post Application

A possible filling application in teeth with a high rate of substance loss may have negative consequences. For this situation, screw and nail structures that are supported by root canal treatment on risky teeth are called “posts”. There are two types of post as metal post and aesthetic fiber post. Posts facilitate root extraction from teeth. They are prepared and applied according to the size of the root in the canal extension. After this procedure, the prosthetic structures added on the post are called “cores”. “Post-core” application is preferred in patients who have had very unsuccessful results despite root canal treatment and whose substance loss has reached the maximum level.

Fiber post application, which is applied to many patients with loss of high-level material in hard dental tissues, especially crown fractures of the anterior regions in children, gives an aesthetic appearance to the mouth.

In which cases fiber post can not be applied?

Some of the situations that hinder the application can be listed as follows;

Fiber post, which is one of the most preferred applications for tooth fillings, is a suitable procedure for patients who have had root canal treatment and have healthy bone structure.

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