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Implant treatment can be applied at any age to any patient with a good general health condition, complete bone development, and a sufficient level of the jawbone.

It can be applied in edentulous lower and upper jaws, in patients whose posterior region ends without teeth due to the loss of molars, in case of single tooth loss, and in all areas with missing teeth such as long edentulous spaces.

In diabetes and chronic cardiovascular diseases that affect recovery,
In young patients with incomplete bone development,

In pregnant women,

People who smoke a lot (Smoking suppresses the healing in the mouth and may cause a decrease in the success of the implant),

In alcohol and drug addicts,

In people who have received high doses of radiotherapy to the head and neck region,

In high blood pressure patients,

People with chronic diseases such as hemophilia and significant immune system disorders,

In patients using immunosuppressive drugs,
In patients using corticosteroids,
Implant application is not indicated.

Most people think that getting an implant is an expensive treatment, but when considered for a long time, implant treatment is a very affordable and cost-effective treatment. Because it can be used for a very long time compared to other treatments. It can be used for life as long as no complications develop.

In a single missing tooth, the bridge system is usually performed by reducing the size of the teeth in front of and behind the missing tooth. In dental implant treatment, the size reduction of these teeth and unnecessary tissue loss are prevented.

It is the evaluation of the smile shape, in which the relationship of some aesthetic criteria such as teeth, gingiva, lips is interpreted, and detailed aesthetic analyzes are included.
What are the important factors in smile aesthetics?

The compatibility of factors such as lip level, size of the teeth, gingival level, tooth color, tooth alignment, the harmony of lips and teeth when we laugh, and the laugh line, one by one and with each other, is of great importance in performing aesthetic smile analysis.

While designing the smile, the aesthetics of the area formed by the teeth (white aesthetic) and the aesthetics of the area formed by the gums (pink aesthetic), and the ratios of tooth-gingiva-lips-face size are evaluated. For this purpose, first of all, it is interpreted on the photograph at which level the gingiva should be and which teeth will be included in the design.

Afterward, the tooth-gingiva-bone levels of the teeth are examined clinically and radiographically. Then the treatment plan is clarified and applied if the patient agrees.

What is the Period of Time of the Treatment?

The duration of treatment may vary within a single day or between 2-15 days, depending on the patient’s dental complaint and mouth structure.

Today, many famous people around the world have smile design and aesthetics. For this reason, when it comes to smile design, famous people and Hollywood come to mind, and over time, instead of saying smile design, it can now be called Hollywood smile in the colloquial language.

What are the procedures to have a Hollywood Smile?

Porcelain veneers: It is the leaf porcelain coating applied to the front parts of the teeth by abrading the tooth surfaces very slightly. Porcelain Veneers is an application performed for teeth that are crooked, intermittent, broken, small, and do not have an aesthetic appearance such as yellow color. It is a procedure that can be performed in a short time and the least intervention to the tooth tissue is performed in this method. In this way, the preservation of the tooth structure is ensured. Thanks to their light transmission feature, they are not distinguished from natural teeth and do not change color.

Teeth whitening: One of the most important details we need for a beautiful smile is white teeth. White teeth are attractive to most people because they evolutionarily create the appearance of a healthy individual. Teeth whitening can be applied with the method determined by your dentist. Teeth whitening is also performed at-home or in-office with the procedures to be applied by your dentist, depending on the need.

İmplant treatment: If there are tooth losses that impair smile aesthetics, they can be eliminated with implant treatment.

With the Hollywood Smile smile design, individuals are provided with aesthetic, symmetrical and white teeth, and a healthy appearance is obtained in your teeth and gums. In smile design, a more energetic, attractive, and youthful appearance is aimed with a correct mouth closure and a half-moon or moon-shaped smile line.

Dental veneers are generally applied as porcelain veneers. Dental veneers are divided into two, these are metal-supported and metal-free. For individuals who want a more aesthetic smile, dentists also have more aesthetic treatment approaches. These aesthetic needs bring the use of zirconium-based prostheses, which is a more aesthetic approach in dentistry. Zirconium, a white material used in tooth making, is converted into zirconia ceramic instead of pure mineral form and processed in special furnaces. Zirconium veneers are from the group of metal-free veneers and offer a more natural appearance compared to metal-supported veneers.

What are the advantages of zirconium veneers?

Natural teeth look natural and aesthetically pleasing to the human eye, as they have various properties regarding hue, brightness, saturation, and translucency of the color. Metal-supported prostheses, on the other hand, cannot provide translucency and do not have as perfect aesthetics as natural teeth. The biggest advantage of zirconium is that it provides translucency and displays a much closer appearance to natural dental aesthetics.

The biological compatibility; The biological compatibility of zirconium teeth is close to perfect and they can be used by patients for many years.

Durability; Thanks to its durability, zirconium has revolutionized prostheses that do not use metal infrastructure, and it is used safely by physicians.

The whitening process can cause even a little sensitivity in the teeth. This tooth sensitivity can be to air, very hot and cold foods. This is a normal and expected side effect. Tooth sensitivity is usually expected to get over within 24-48 hours. In the event of an unexpected situation, patients should consult a doctor.

Leaf porcelain can be applied to almost every patient. Their application to patients with parafunctional habits such as teeth grinding, nail-biting, pencil biting is limited. The decision is made by evaluating this parafunction and the closure of your jaws.

It can be applied to all patients who have completed their jaw development.

Patients to have porcelain laminate veneers should;

  • Close their jaw appropriately,
  • Not have a teeth-grinding habit,
  • Not have weakened back surfaces of their teeth by acid erosion or other reasons.

In patients who are dissatisfied with the appearance of their teeth

In patients with mild crooking but not considering orthodontic treatment

In patients with gaps between their teeth

In cases where the filling is insufficient to provide the desired aesthetics, Porcelain Laminate restoration can be easily applied.

In porcelain veneers, it is necessary to remove 1.5 to 2 mm of material from all surfaces of the tooth. However, in porcelain laminate, it will be enough to wear only the front surface of the tooth.



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