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The field of orthodontics, which performs diagnosis and treatment procedures for crossed and mismatched teeth, includes the methods applied according to the patient’s age and jaw structure. In adolescence, the condition where the jaw is behind or ahead can be treated based on the age criterion. Orthodontic treatments in adults are usually performed with support from surgeons. It is very important to start the treatment procedure at the earliest level since jaw problems are frequently encountered, especially in patients who breathe orally.

Habits such as thumb sucking in infancy, not using the right baby bottles, and nail-biting in childhood and adulthood pave the way for the wrong development of the mouth and jaw structure. Conditions such as the tongue being larger than the normal level and the presence of gaps in place of the extracted teeth may also necessitate orthodontic applications. Milk teeth that erupt prematurely or teeth that develop late also negatively affect the development of the oral structure.

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