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Treatment Age in Orthodontics

Although there is no age restriction, starting orthodontic treatments early reduces the risk of future problems. Healthy bone structure and sufficient amount of teeth in the mouth are the priorities for the treatment.

If the patient has a negative condition due to their skeletal structure, age is an important criterion. Positive results can be obtained from the orthodontic application to be applied to a growing child with a lagging lower jaw. Orthodontic approaches are determined, especially considering the developmental speed of children aged 16-17.

Treatments are available for adults who have completed developmental age and have a skeletal problem. However, in such a case, it is possible to perform jaw surgeries with plastic surgery. Jaw surgeries performed by plastic surgeons are called “orthognathic surgery”.

Considering both situations, it should be understood that age is a factor that affects the course of treatment planning in orthodontic treatments and that all patients who have the required amount of teeth and bone structure can be treated.

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