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Wisdom Teeth and Impacted Teeth

Impacted teeth remain under the bone and do not come out when they should. In some cases, the teeth that are completely under the jawbone may not be visible at all due to the soft tissue in some patients. Teeth, some of which are visible in the mouth and the remainder are located in the gingiva, are called “half-buried”. Although it varies from person to person, the most commonly seen impacted teeth are upper and lower wisdom teeth and canine teeth called third incisors.

There can be many reasons for the impaction of a tooth. Genetic factors, the inability of the teeth to find the required space for eruption due to the narrowness of the jaw, hindering of the displaced adjacent teeth in front of the tooth, the lifespan of milk teeth, inflammation due to decayed teeth and consequently affecting the eruption, accelerate the formation process of this condition.

A comprehensive evaluation process is required for the treatment of impacted teeth, both in terms of aesthetics and health. For this reason, orthodontic treatment applications can be applied. After the detailed analysis of the tooth in the mouth, the level of the jawbone, the condition of the surrounding tissues, and the evaluation of the developmental disorder, the impacted tooth is removed from the relevant place using local, general, or sedated anesthesia.

Extraction of wisdom teeth or impacted teeth is important for providing jawbone flexibility and creating an aesthetic appearance. After the procedure, patients may experience complaints such as pain, edema, limitation in mouth opening, and bad breath. However, these types of problems are those that are resolved with painkillers and antibiotics and disappear completely after 2-3 days.

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