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Zirconium Porcelain Veneers

One of the most preferred veneers in aesthetic dental treatments today is zirconium porcelain veneers. It is also recommended by dentists with its feature of being well-matched with the current color of the person, its nature that does not cause allergic reactions, its durability, and suitable content for gingival health. Zirconium porcelain veneers, which provide great advantages for patients in terms of oral and dental health and create an aesthetic appearance, are processed in special furnaces and made appropriate for use.

In which cases are zirconium veneers applied?

Zirconium, which has a high level of light transmittance for a natural appearance, can be easily used for both posterior and anterior teeth. With its solid structure, there is no undesirable situation like the dislocation of the tooth. It does not affect the person’s eating and drinking activities negatively.

How is zirconium veneer applied?

Before the zirconium coating, the damage to the existing tooth of the patient is checked. If it is found suitable for coating, the procedure begins with local anesthesia. With the help of special tools, the thinned tooth and tooth environment are thoroughly disinfected. The size of the teeth is measured, and the most suitable coating color is decided. After an average of 1 week, the teeth are made ready. In order to understand whether any problems will occur, a temporary adhesive is supported for a certain period of time. Then, zirconium veneers are added into the patient’s mouth permanently. During all this time, the procedures are completed painlessly.

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